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As you read the different tips presented below, it is important to remember that very few physicians have had formal training in advanced liquid face lift injection techniques. For the most part, advanced dermal filler injection techniques are not yet taught in medical schools and only recently have physicians been able to choose advanced dermal filler injection rotations in their residencies.

Additionally, only a fraction of licensed dermatologists, plastic surgeons or other physicians have the type of experience that you might expect in this field of medicine. Here are a few ways to identify a medical practitioner who might have the experience or training to optimize the duration or artistic outcome of your procedure:

1. One of the ways to select a physician who has extensive experience or training in advanced dermal filler and BOTOX® injection techniques is by word of mouth. If you know a few individuals who have had appealing outcomes from a physician (with a procedure like the one you are contemplating), then that can be one way to find a medical practitioner.

2. Another way to locate a physician who might have enough experience to understand some of the intricacies of these techniques is to visit the web sites of the manufacturers of the products discussed on this web site. While this won't always tell you if the physician personally has a depth of experience, it can be, in some instances, an effective starting place.

Locate Physician 3. Another alternative you can try is to use the physician locator guide on this web site. We screen licensed medical practitioners by the number of dermal filler and BOTOX® procedures that they have personally performed. The physician must have performed at least 1,000 BOTOX® and dermal filler procedures. Most of the physicians who participate with this web site train other medical practitioners in dermal filler and/or BOTOX® injection techniques. The average physician has performed over 5,000 procedures.

The physicians pay nominal association dues, which funds our ability to offer the information on this web site to individuals, and to promote advanced training sessions to physicians, in conjunction with CME accredited entities. A bio of each physician and some of the physician's credentials are presented in search results. While this is not an absolute measure of a physician's acumen, it is another way to help locate the right medical practitioner for you.

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