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In this section, we will explore techniques and products used to return prominence to the cheeks. We will explore how advanced liquid face lift products , including dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Radiesse®, Sculptra® and Restylane®, as well as BOTOX®, can diminish a gaunt appearance and return a fuller, healthier Cheek Contouringlook to the hollows on the flat portion of the face below the cheek bones. We will also discuss how advanced liquid face lift techniques in the cheek area will lift and contour other facial features, as well.

Prior to the procedure, most medical practitioners will numb the areas in which dermal fillers will be used with topical anesthetic, local anesthetic or nerve block. With an anesthetic, most patients are fairly comfortable during the procedure.

Note: Before undergoing any procedure discussed on this web site, make sure that your physician has extensive experience with the specific procedure. Medical schools have only recently begun to teach some of these procedures. As with any medical procedure there are varying degrees of risk involved. Please consult your doctor.

Upper Cheek Contouring

Several thousand Americans seek surgical cheek implants each year. Cheek implants are one of the top 20 cosmetic surgical procedures.1 The number Cheek Contouring Before After is declining, however, because of the liquid facelift alternative. With liquid face lift products and advanced medical techniques, some patients can regain enough of their original natural, cheek lines to forgo surgery.

The zygomatic or malar area of the cheeks is the area of the high cheek bone below the rims of the eyes that extends out to the sides of the face. The cheek bone area is a key treatment zone for many individuals who are seeking a lift in one of several aspects of the face. Over time, skeletal changes, fat loss and collagen depletion will flatten the malar area of the cheeks. This can accentuate sagging in many areas of the face like the hollows under the eyes, the jowls and a downward turn of the lips.

Correction of the cheek area with liquid face lift products such as Radiesse®, Perlane® and Juvederm® can effect a subtle, yet dramatic, improvement in the appearance of an aging face. Cheek Contouring Before ProcedureCheek Contouring After Procedure The technique of the medical practitioner is very important in creating a natural lift. Medical practitioners typically cross thread the liquid face lift products in the deep dermis or subdermal area of the cheek bone region of the face.

Depending upon the facial characteristics of the patient and personal goals, physicians can give the cheeks a smooth curve or a more defined ‘apple’ effect. Patients desiring more of an apple-type cheek can ask for additional filler in the upper portion of the cheek bone area. Several ancillary benefits of this procedure are mentioned in the Other Face Lift Benefits segment below.

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Cheek Hollow Contouring

In the area below the cheek bones and out on the flat plane of the face, known as the sub-malar area, fillers can be used to correct a hollowing that occurs with age or disease. Many individuals who have a gaunt look can benefit Cheek Contouring After ProcedureCheek Contouring Before Procedurefrom liquid face lift products and dermal fillers in the cheek hollow areas.

Some physicians prefer Sculptra® in the cheek hollows, sometimes placed in an area that follows the jaw line to the temples. Sculptra® solely stimulates regeneration of the body’s own collagen. Sculptra® takes a few months before it begins to work, so the results are gradual.

Other liquid face lift products may also be used in the cheek hollows, but physicians must balance the weight and pull of the fillers in this area with the potential to push the skin upward and outward. Too much can defeat the purpose of the procedure and oppose the effects of liquid face lift treatment on the cheek bone area. As with all of the liquid face lift techniques, it is important that the physician has developed an understanding of the balance amidst various facial features and among varying skin and skeletal types. In many instances, these techniques are as much art as science, drawing heavily on the injection experience of the physician.

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Jowl Contouring and Other Face Lift Benefits

Cheek contouring procedures using liquid face lift products such as Radiesse®, Sculptra®, Perlane® and Juvederm® can provide lift and a variety of benefits to the overall look and balance of the face. For many individuals, a more natural, youthful contour is restored. Many patients will comment how they are told they look more rested or vibrant and happy. For some patients, the lift is subtle. For others, the effects are gradual, yet dramatic.

When the outer area of the cheeks and cheek hollows are treated with liquid face lift products, such as Radiesse®, Juvederm® Ultra Plus and Sculptra®, Cheek Contouring Informationthe jowls are gently lifted. Treatment along the jaw lines to the temples with a product like Juvederm® or Restylane® can also provide a more attractive contour of the jowl area (see Chin Contouring ).

Liquid face lift cheek augmentation with products such as Perlane®, Juvederm® Ultra Plus and Radiesse® can help fill in sunken areas under the eyes, as well. Used correctly, they can also help mask and contour bags under the eyes. In many instances, the appearance of dark circles under the eyes are diminished with these procedures (see Eye Area Contouring).

Another area that can experience some ancillary benefit from liquid cheek augmentation is a gentle and subtle lift of the corners of the mouth. Along with other liquid face lift treatments (see Lip Contouring), a permanent frown or scowl can be replaced with a natural, happy appearance in many individuals.

Keeping up the correction over time, with periodic treatments, will likely cause the patient to need lesser amounts of filler as the body responds by creating collagen.

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