How to Keep Costs Down

#1 Maintain Your Results with Routine Touch Up Treatments

Treatments with many of the advanced dermal fillers stimulate the body to produce collagen. Routine touch up treatments over time may have a cumulative effect on the body's collagen production, which in some instances allows patient to extend intervals between maintenance treatments or to require less filler in subsequent treatments. For most conditions treated with BOTOX®, an individual will need regular treatments every few months. However, with proper skin care and regular BOTOX® treatments, the etching of facial wrinkles can (in many instances) be nearly eliminated. Therefore, after a year or two of regular treatments, it is not uncommon for individuals to feel they need follow-up BOTOX® treatments less frequently.

#2 Use BOTOX® in Conjunction with Dermal Filler Treatments Where Applicable

Excessive or exaggerated muscle movement can diminish the endurance of most of the advanced dermal fillers. Since BOTOX® relaxes excessive muscle movement, it effectively extends the life of most dermal fillers and most liquid face lift procedures. Ask your physician if supplementing your procedure with BOTOX® would be beneficial.

#3 Don't Make Cost Your Only Decision Point

With a liquid face lift procedure, price variances among physicians can be deceiving. A physician who uses the right mix of products, advanced injection techniques and correct product placement can have a significant impact on lowering the frequency of touch up treatments, as well as the amount of product required in subsequent touch up treatments to maintain results.

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