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The tips mentioned in this section will help an individual extend results of a liquid face lift, advanced dermal filler or BOTOX® treatment. These recommendations will also help the patient's own skin help itself in maintaining results, so that an individual will - over time - require fewer repeat touch up treatments. Most individuals will maintain results for gradually longer and longer times between touch ups. These tips will, in many cases, also help patients need less product in future touch ups. One of the greatest advantages of following each of these tips is to lower lifetime maintenance costs of preserving natural facial contours and healthy, youthful skin.

Tip #1 Use High Grade Skin Care Products

Effective skin care is one of the best ways to continue to reap the benefits of your liquid face lift treatment. The problem is that there are so many exaggerated claims about skin care products that it can be difficult to sort through the vortex of options to determine what really works. While some over the counter skin products live up to their hype, you might want to consider using medical grade skin care products. Many of the products are made to higher specifications than similar products found over the counter. Many physicians who carry liquid face lift products also carry medical grade skin care products.

It is important to use products that will help you prevent future damage to your skin. A high grade sun screen worn every day can be important in your defense against future skin damage and to assist your liquid face lift products as they stimulate your own skin to produce collagen. A facial cleanser, which balances pH while it exfoliates and extracts impurities is important. Regular application of a high grade moisturizer can help prolong your results. Antioxidant products may be advisable, as well. Ask your doctor about an effective skin care program to help you help your skin maintain the restored contouring and correction of a liquid face lift procedure.

Tip #2 Follow Physician's Advice for Immediate Post Treatment Care

Your physician will likely tell you not to lie down for a few hours after your BOTOX® treatment. You may be asked to avoid exaggerated muscle movement or excessive physical activity for a few hours following your liquid face lift procedure. Following this and other advice that your physician will give you during your treatment session will help the products achieve maximum efficacy.

Tip #3 Maintain Your Results with Routine Touch Up Treatments

This probably should be the #1 or #2 tip because it can have an enormous impact on how the liquid face lift products stimulate your own skin to regenerate collagen, and how the products will relax the etching of lines over time to restore healthier skin. It seems that the most common mistake individuals make after they have a liquid face lift, advanced dermal filler or BOTOX® treatment is that they don't return timely for a follow up or touch up treatment. Often patients make this decision in order to save money. However, if you are looking for enduring results, money spent in early follow up treatments often equates to tremendous savings over a lifetime.

With respect to most of the advanced dermal fillers, it takes a few touch up sessions before the body really begins to work on its own to regenerate collagen. The effects of regular touch ups are often cumulative, and help extend results for longer and longer intervals between touch up treatments. It is possible that an individual who has maintained regular dermal filler touch up treatments for two or three years may begin to measure treatment intervals in terms of years, not months. For most conditions treated with BOTOX®, an individual will need regular treatments every few months. However, with proper skin care and regular BOTOX® treatments, the etching of facial wrinkles can (in many instances) be nearly eliminated. Therefore, after a year or two of regular treatments, it is not uncommon for individuals to feel they need follow-up BOTOX® treatments only every six months or more.

Tip #4 Use BOTOX® in Conjunction with Dermal Filler Treatments Where Applicable

Excessive or exaggerated muscle movement can diminish the endurance of most of the advanced dermal fillers. Since BOTOX® relaxes excessive muscle movement, it effectively extends the life of most dermal fillers and most liquid face lift procedures. BOTOX® use has dual importance. First, the dermal filler lasts longer. Secondly, it gives the dermal filler more time to stimulate the skin's own collagen response mechanism for a second layer of enduring results. In some instances, BOTOX® use may not be suggested, depending upon the exact nature of the procedure. Ask your physician if supplementing your procedure with BOTOX® would be beneficial.

Tip #5 Select a Physician Experienced in the Use of Liquid Face Lift Products

An experienced physician will generally have a better understanding of the advanced injection techniques and product combinations that will extend your results. Extensive experience will also contribute to a physician's understanding of how unique skin types, physical conditions, levels of skin damage and other factors play into the mix of optimal treatment recommendations. Physicians who are Diamond, Platinum or Gold BOTOX® providers, or Platinum Restylane® providers, or Premier or Black Card Radiesse® providers are more likely to have the experience to understand how subtle product placement depths, locations, injection techniques and product selection will impact the longevity of your results.

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