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Joan M. Hardt, M.D. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Joan M. Hardt, M.D.

Joan M. Hardt, M.D. is the leading dermal filler and BOTOX® provider in the state of Oklahoma. She has performed nearly 10,000 non-surgical procedures with liquid face lift products including BOTOX® and advanced dermal fillers such as Restylane®, Radiesse®, JUVEDERM®, ArteFill®, Sculptra® and Perlane®. Dr. Hardt is recognized as a Platinum Plus BOTOX®/JUVEDERM® Provider, a Platinum Provider of Restylane®, as well as a Premier Provider of Radiesse®, signifying extensive experience with products used in a liquid face lift procedure. Dr. Hardt and the staff at Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center provide a wide range of minimally invasive cosmetic medical procedures in Oklahoma City.
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